Fantasy Football Launches for the 2020 Season


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The resumption of professional football also ushered in a new season of fantasy football.

With football season finally arriving into American homes, fantasy football is also making a return. Fantasy football is a game meant for all ages, whether you’re a high school student trying to have a little competition with your friends or an adult playing this game with high stakes.

Fantasy football is a simple game that relies on its participants to make the right choices. It starts off with a simple draft of players you believe will be useful to your team. However, it gets a little more complex than that. Sometimes you’re given the short end of the straw and don’t get to pick right away, leaving you with subpar options. In this scenario, you must observe what your opponents might need even if you don’t need a player, as that player might be useful for trading later.

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“If you’re looking for fun, fantasy football is the place for you,” said an anonymous source. “I like playing fantasy football because it’s a fun thing to do with friends and the high-risk high reward is great.” 

If you have time to watch football games and want to make it more interesting, fantasy football is a great way to do so. It is also a good way to get into football and spend time with friends, and these factors are reflected fantasy football’s inceasing popularity. According to Bleacher Report, “more than 33 million people play fantasy football and the number grows every year.” 

Many people play fantasy football for fun or for a certain amount of risk. Some people will bet sums of money or something playful to admit defeat.

“I like it because it gives me a bigger reason to watch the National Football League (NFL), and the risk makes it more fun because it makes me take it seriously,” said Jack Huber, junior.

Fantasy football is a great way to spend your time especially when you’re in a league with your friends. According to Bleacher Report, many people get into football because of fantasy football, and for good reason— it is a great thing to get into.

For more information on fantasy football, you can visit the websites of ESPN or the NFL.