Boys basketball defeats Downers Grove North in triple overtime

The 2022-23 boys varsity team is continuing their season.

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The 2022-23 boys varsity team is continuing their season.

Heading into the week of Jan. 9, the boys basketball team is now a little over halfway into their season.

The season began with a home game on Nov. 21 against Naperville North. The team is going strong with a 14-3 win ratio and currently ranked 16th in the state. The latest game was Jan. 7 against Downers Grove North. Hinsdale won with a close score of 48-46.

“My favorite part of the season was beating Downers Grove North in triple overtime,” said Ben Oosterbaan, senior.

The team usually watches previous games in preparation for the up and coming game. They can watch for strengths and pin point weaknesses to work on. 

With the last game of the season being Tuesday, Feb. 14, the team only has a bit more to go. For the seniors, there’s only 13 games left.

Halftime at Hinsdale Central vs. Downers Grove North. (Isabel Palo)

“I’ve been playing ever since I could remember,” said Patrick Graham, senior. 

It seems a consensus to continue playing once the season is over, and even after high school. 

“I will for sure play after high school. I love basketball and will play it until I can’t anymore,” said Billy Cernugel, senior.

Many members of the team do not plan to play on a college team, but most of the team plans to continue to enjoy the game in their free time. 

The boys basketball team is seeking their next victory against Proviso West on Friday, Jan. 13 at Hinsdale Central at 7:30 p.m. For the team’s complete schedule, click here.