Hinsdale Central’s “decision day” for seniors


On April 28, students wore shirts or other merch representing their future school. (Isabella Salti)

On Friday, April 28, seniors at Hinsdale Central had the opportunity to showcase their future plans for college t-shirt day. Students participated by wearing the shirt of their future school to class.

“It was so exciting to see where everyone has decided to go,” said Aira Chaudhary, senior.

The official decision day for colleges all over the country was this past Monday, May 1, so many felt it was fitting to display their school on this day.

Lily Ging (senior) and CC Huber (senior) pose for their picture in shirts of their future school. (Aubrie Benjamin)

“Everyone was so excited to show off their school,” said Lorelai Bittner, senior. “The whole day felt very special for the seniors.”

Deciding on a college can be a long and stressful process that students work hard on for months. This is a nice day to celebrate everyone’s hard work and prove it was all worth it.

“This day really signifies all of our hard work finally coming to a close,” said Charlie Paulman, senior. “It was very rewarding.”

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