Struggles of upper-classmen study hall


When I found out that I was cleared for a band gym exemption, I was elated. I’d never had a study hall before and had heard wonderful stories about its productiveness. Not to mention the fact that I’m the kind of nerd who would much rather do homework than cardio exercises.

Unfortunately though, my first impression of study hall has been less than stellar. When I arrived to the cafeteria for the junior/senior study hall, I was prepared for some crowding and noise. I was even prepared for some unpleasant lunch messes. What I was not prepared for was constant interruption.

My typical ninth period study hall period begins with a flood of students piling into the cafeteria, hesitant to sit down because they know they will have to pack up and move to the senior section of the cafeteria. Why do we have to move you ask? Well, considering that the lunch periods have just ended, garbage needs to be swept up and tables need to be wiped off.

I understand this, and I commend the custodians for cleaning up as quickly as they do. What I don’t understand is why study hall students are required to move to the senior section when the whole front half of the room has been cleaned. It’s as simple as leaving the already cleaned tables in the front of the cafeteria out instead of making everyone wait for the senior section to be cleared. Now, some might argue that the more sectioned off senior area of the cafeteria allows for a better studying environment, but I believe the current set up hinders the learning environment.

If this were the only problem, I wouldn’t complain about study hall because I would just use that time to schedule those abundant senior guidance appointments, relax a bit, and not rush to class. What really perturbs me is the fact that in addition to the interruptive cleaning, there is also a disruption in signing in.

Halfway through the period, the study hall teacher changes, and it’s the second study hall teacher who brings the attendance. In other words, I’ll have gotten all of my books set up and gotten into the zone of whatever work I’m doing, and then I’ll be interrupted with the chaotic sign in process, which involves students cramming to sign their name on one of three sheets. I don’t see why the first teacher can’t bring a simple sheet to the lunchroom. It also makes it hard for people to leave for appointments and gives those people who come late to class a free pass.

Despite these annoyances, I still love having study hall because I can at least finish some work. Who doesn’t like having less homework? It’s just a shame that it can’t be done in peace.