Speaking with style: A profile on forensics member Presleigh Renner

For many students, simply giving a presentation in front of a class of peers is enough to leave them shaking with nerves. However, forensics team member Presleigh Renner, senior, has grown to love speaking in front of people.

Renner joined the team freshman year and has not looked back since, most recently placing ninth place in a national tournament.

“I heard about it from a friend of ours who was a year older,” Renner said. “A group of friends and I went to audition, but we didn’t think we were going to get in. It’s usually pretty hard to get in as a freshman.”

From her original nerve-packed audition, she has gone on to excel in the realm of competitive speech.

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Renner standing in front of dramatic interpretation scores at a national forensics tournament.

Forensics, also known as the speech team, is a group which competes throughout the year in numerous tournaments. Each individual is given one to three pieces a season, pieces which are perfected and tweaked to each performers liking.

“It’s fun getting to add little things to the scripts,” Renner said.

While each competitor is given a story or scene to memorize, they each have the opportunity to make it their own. With 13 different events, the individuals are given the chance to pick an event which they enjoy.

“My favorite event so far is humorous duet acting,” Renner said. “It’s really fun to work with another person.” In last years season, Renner was able to compete in humorous duet acting along with dramatic interpretation.

The four years Renner has spent on the team has been tainted by various memories and experiences, both positive and negative.

“I think winning state is the best memory I’ve had with forensics,” Renner said. “The coaches work so hard. I’m sure every sport and activity has their own bias but ours are so awesome.”

The senior was given another memorable experience earlier this year when she and six other forensics members were given the opportunity to travel to Dallas, TX to compete in a national tournament.

“It was different from other events because it was so much bigger. At regular tournaments, we perform in classrooms. At nationals, it was so much bigger,” Renner said.

Presleigh Renner placed ninth in a national forensics tournament. She began forensics freshman year.

Even with her experience, the performer still deals with nerves every now and then.

“The most difficult part is definitely forgetting lines,” Renner said.

Renner is looking forward to her last year on the Hinsdale Central forensics team as a senior.