Central beauty guru takes on Youtube


Fashionista Lily Chrones, junior, took time to discuss her YouTube channel where she offers fashion advice to students and anyone interested in learning more about trends.

Welcome to Youtube. This public video platform has been the focal point for many teenagers for years, assisting them with the notes they didn’t understand in math class or allowing them to watch a new music video. However, junior Lily Chrones (who some know as “the makeup girl”), would much rather be found on camera.

With a start in sixth grade, the bubbly sixteen year old has been making various types of videos for her channel, Livin4Fashion. While Chrones said that the focal point of many of her videos is makeup and beauty, she has a bigger goal in mind.

“I want people to love themselves,” Chrones said. “I want people to know they can be themselves.”

While she states that doing makeup makes her very happy, it makes her even happier to build people up.

With almost 26 thousand subscribers, the support for her videos is ample.

“My fans I guess… I don’t really like calling them fans; that’s kind of weird… my viewers call themselves lilypops,” Chrones said.

These dedicated watchers have been a big part of what has pushed Chrones to continue on making videos.

While she doesn’t have one fan which sticks out in mind, the beauty guru discussed how she has communicated with some of her viewers outside of the video realm.  

“This girl walked up to me at the beginning of this year, she goes ‘are you Livin4Fashion?’ I was really shocked,” Chrones said. “She was like, ‘I love your videos I can’t believe you go to this school!’”

While she has no concrete promises for how long she will make videos, Chrones plans to make them, “as long as I can.”

While she admitted filming and editing was more difficult to fit in with her busy high school schedule, she believes the process will be easier in college. For now, you can check out her Youtube channel.