Live Day of Art exhibits talent and demonstration


Talia Sankari

AP Studio Art students demonstrated their talents on the Live Day of Art on Thursday, March 3.

On Thursday, March 3, you may have seen some students in the cafeteria creating pieces of art (and enjoying a few slices of pizza). The school’s advanced art students were celebrating Central’s Live Day of Art.

Each year, the advanced art students get together and create art for the school to view and appreciate.

“We got out of class but that’s not the point. Bringing awareness to other students is what made me so happy. A lot of people, ones that I didn’t even know, came up to me and asked what I was doing, and I think that’s so inspiring,” said Donna Dimitrova, AP Studio Art student.

In order to demonstrate the process of creating art, Ms. Milas, the art department chair, gladly signs the passes of her art students so they can spend the day doing not only a pleasant pastime, but an educational outlet.

If interested in learning more about art studio and courses offered, make sure to visit the art hallway on the second floor near the art gallery in room 216.