Homecoming art show mixes it up

Jack Clark, senior, drew inspiration from the mixtapes to create people.

There was much more going on for homecoming than a game and a dance. While some were making plans for dinner and after-parties, most of the school’s artists were finalizing pieces for the homecoming art show, Mixtapes.

“We had to use something involving a cassette tape,” said Anastasia Sakkos, junior. “I noticed that the strings of the cassette tape looked like heart strings, so I related the heart to music, wrapped the strings down and then painted the heart.”

Michaela Malec
Artwork by Anastasia Sakkos

The show’s theme accompanied this year’s “Back to the ’80s” homecoming theme. However, the artists didn’t settle on “Mixtapes” right away.

“To be honest, we first started with a different idea,” said Ms. Laura Milas, head of the art department. “We wanted it to be ‘80s-themed, and somebody suggested cassette tapes because sometimes, when you open a cassette, the tape all falls out and we thought that could make a really cool art project. National Art Honors Society also thought it would be a good idea.”

There was a wide variety of interpretations of the prompt throughout the different pieces in the show. Cassette tapes were used for a myriad of visual effects and physical aspects of the art. Whether it be the heartstrings on Sakkos’s work or the hair that emphasizes the character of juniors Liz Anderen and Brooke Shryock’s work, the art department put together a collection of student work for Homecoming 2017.