Perfecting their performances despite the cold


Lana Jawich

You can expect to see a number of musical acts, including Judy Zakia, senior, who will be singing Sober by Demi Lovato.

Despite performance dates being pushed back from late January to early March due to severe cold weather, students taking part in this year’s Variety Show have been working hard to perfect their performances to the max.

Auditions for the show were held through November and December gave the option to all students to participate and show the school their distinctive talents, whether it was spoken word, singing, playing an instrument, comedy, or just about anything else.

Separate auditions were held for bands and musical acts. To audition, students had to sign up on a sheet outside Mrs. Karen Russo’s room and were judged and evaluated by Mr. Robert Russo, Mrs. Karen Russo, and the two emcees. Following the auditions, the judges then discussed the performances and decided which ones ultimately qualified for the final show.

One of the important factors the judges look for during the audition process is choosing a variety of acts.  Though in past years the judges have had to cut many musical acts simply because so many auditions, this year has a few more than usual because of their unique factors, such as Jonathon Tatooles, a senior drummer who will be playing blindfolded.

“If we have five kids singing a ballot at the audition, only one or two will probably make it,” Mr. Russo said.

Those acts who survive the audition process and are given the chance to perform at the Variety Show have a lot of leeway when it comes to choosing the stage setting and lighting design they want for their individual acts.

Courtesy of Hannah Salas
Most of the preparing for the show is done individually at home.

“I have been wanting to do this since sophomore year, but this year I had the guts to do it,” said Hannah Salas, senior, who will be singing “Hallelujah.”

The judges, coordinators, emcees, stage crew, and performers who have worked towards producing a memorable show over the past few months anticipate a successful show. Unfortunately, however, this year’s show may be the last due to potential budget cuts. 

“It’s gonna be a crazy show,” said Nabhan Rafiq, senior, who will be this year’s emcee alongside Senior Ferzam Berki. “It could be the last but it’s going to be unforgettable.”