Five last-minute Halloween costumes



With Halloween quickly approaching, many students may be struggling to figure out what to dress up as.

As Halloween quickly approaches this year, many students are eager to show off their costumes. Others, however, may still not know what to dress up as this weekend and don’t have the time or money to spend on an elaborate look.

No need to panic, I’ve got you covered. Below are five cute, trendy last-minute Halloween costumes all made with items I already had in my closet, and odds are you do too.

#1: Any animal print

This zebra costume is cute and took no time or effort to put together. (Lily Ging)

Starting off this list with a costume that’s classic and timeless. Being any sort of fun-patterned animal will catch the eye of anyone you’re around that day and fit in at any Halloween event.

“Most people have some sort of animal print in their wardrobe,” said Amanda McLaughlin, junior and fashion merchandising student. “Those patterns can easily be made into a costume.”

I just so happened to have these zebra pants already, so I paired them with one of my favorite black tops and voilá. It’s a perfect costume, and I didn’t even need to purchase anything new.

#2: White lie

This white lie themed costume is silly and fun. The fib represented in this shirt is “I didn’t fail my math test.” (Lily Ging)

This easy-to-make costume is inspired by a popular party theme going around on TikTok. It consists of taking a white top and writing down any sort of trivial lie to poke fun at yourself. For example, claiming “I didn’t fail my math test” when you really did.

I think this is a super fun and creative one that will get you many laughs and compliments wherever you end up. What’s great is that all you need is any plain white top and a marker. Simple as that.

#3: Pacman ghost

This Pacman ghost costume is easy to assemble and would be a fun project to do with friends. (Lily Ging)

This costume is simple and easy to construct while also being unique. All you need is a solid colored shirt, some paint, and a pair of scissors. I also added a tassel skirt I already had from a different costume that was the same color for more depth. The shirt is still the main component though, so it would pair well with any bottoms.

To construct, cut out the bottom of the shirt in a zigzagged pattern, paint on some cartoon eyeballs and then you’re all done.

This is a great idea for a group costume. Each person in the group can be a different color and one could even be Pacman. It would be a fun project to do as a friend group the evening before your Halloween plans.

“Many people do group costumes each year,” said Lisa Sopiarz, fashion merchandising teacher at Hinsdale Central. “It’s usually easy to find items that everyone has.”

#4: Any sports jersey

Any sports jersey will do for this costume. I used a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey jersey for this example. (Lily Ging)

When in doubt, a sports jersey will be your best friend when it comes to an easy Halloween costume. Throw one on for your favorite team, smear on some eye black, and you’re good to go.

“There’s been multiple years when my friends and I have just put on a basketball jersey,” said Katie Gilmartin, sophomore. “It’s reliable and looks cute every time.”

I found this Pittsburgh Penguins hockey jersey in my dad’s closet that I thought would make for a perfect costume in a pinch.

If you don’t have a jersey but would still want to wear one this Halloween, click here to choose from numerous of them.

#5: Tennis player

This costume can be made with items most people already have in their wardrobe. (Lily Ging)

Regardless of how you perform on the tennis courts, you can’t deny a tennis player makes a great, easy Halloween costume.

While there are many ways you can execute this look, I paired a pink athletic tank top with a black tennis skirt. I also added a racket to be used as an accessory that will look cute in pictures and make it more obvious to others as to what your costume is.

Hopefully you found this list helpful if you were struggling with knowing what to dress up as this Halloween.