A playlist for school nearing the end


Amanda McLaughlin

This playlist contains the 7 songs that are featured in the article plus a few more for the upcoming summer.

Summer is approaching with only a few more weeks of class left. With the weather being warmer and more time for fun on our hands, here is some music to enjoy. 

“Walden Pond” by Atta Boy

“Walden Pond” was released in 2012 as part of the “Out of Sorts” album by Atta Boy. I first found this song on a car ride to my lake house and it has corresponded with summer ever since. Not only does it remind me of having the windows down during warm weather but it is one of my favorite songs. 

Favorite Lyrics:

“And I hope you treat your heart real nice and real smart

May your life be a Walden Pond swim

Can’t be worthless seein’ stars

Buying rocky-road for me and him”

“Kyoto” by Phoebe Bridgers

Phoebe Bridgers has become increasingly popular in recent years. “Kyoto” is one of her most upbeat releases and debut in 2020 as part of her “Punisher” album. Although the beat of the song is upbeat, the lyrics are still quite sad.

“I went to the Phoebe Bridgers concert two years ago and this was my favorite song that she performed,” said Catherine Huber, senior.

Favorite Lyrics:

“With my little brother

He said you called on his birthday

You were off by like ten days

But you get a few points for trying”

“SAND PEOPLE” by Ashes To Amber

Like many of these songs, I discovered this song in an ideal summer moment. I overheard strangers listening to “SAND PEOPLE” at a beach and quickly added it to my playlist. It is perfect for a beach day and puts everyone in a fun mood. 

Favorite Lyrics:

“They gathered by the sea

Sand people anxiously

Not once did speak to me

When tides came did not flee”

“Fernando” by Abba 

“We will be performing it along with three other ABBA songs at our Music Awards Concert May 26 in the Main Gym at 6:30 p.m.,” said Jennifer Burkemper, choir director. 

Favorite Lyrics:

“Can you hear the drums Fernando?

I remember long ago another starry night like this

In the firelight Fernando”

“Someday” by The Strokes

The Strokes are a popular American indie-rock band from the early 2000s. “Someday” was released in 2001 and is still a great song. 

Favorite Lyrics:

“In many ways, they’ll miss the good old days



“I’m Your Wreck” by Mt. Joy

“The song is just so nostalgic for some reason and reminds me of summer memories,” said Aubrie Benjamin, senior.

Favorite Lyrics:

“Whatever happens there’s money in the mattress

And whatever happens please remember all the laughter

Stitch it together kid, I know you know better”

“Sugar Sugar” by The Archies 

Released in 1969, this song is definitely an “oldie but a goodie.” I can’t help but reminisce on past summers whenever it plays. It also reminds me of the scene in the Bee Movie where the characters are swimming in honey. 

The Devils Advocate summer playlist is a collection of songs mostly from the indie/alternative genre. (Amanda McLaughlin)


Oh, sugar, sugar

You are my candy girl

And you got me wanting you”

This playlist can be found on Spotify. Whether you are playing these songs in the car with friends or while doing the last of your second semester homework, I hope you enjoy it.