On a whim


Michelle Owens sporting the latest fall fashion.

When it comes to dressing, Michelle Owens, sartorial sophomore of the moment, may have more tricks up her sleeve than fashion sense. She can often be spotted flitting through the halls of Hinsdale Central, rocking a pair of leather lace up boots with a floral skirt.

Here, she puts together another unexpected outfit with her menswear-inspired shoes and contrasting feminine blouse and skirt.

Michelle’s vintage looking outfit inspires nostalgia for the first half of the 19th-century when school was an occasion worth dressing up for. However, in a current era when most students show up at school in sweat pants and sweat shirts, stylish distinction is a rare occurrence.

“Hats off” to students like Michelle who exhibit the courage to distinguish themselves by wearing headwear or other unique pieces. If the sweat pant students claim that dressing well takes too much time, Michelle’s spontaneous fashion formula proves that declarations of personal style do not have to take longer than a couple minutes.

Michelle Owens picks her outfits based on whichever pieces are closest to each other in her closet. The result is unique, spontaneous style.

This season, take a leap of faith. Set aside those sweats and wear something spontaneous. “Dare to be different”!