Want cash? Get it fast with Gigwalk

Want cash? Get it fast with Gigwalk

If you’ve ever tried working, you probably know that it’s not at all enjoyable, mostly because it’s work. No matter what you do, it seems to be impossible to maintain a job for a substantial period of time because the work is unbearably tedious and you just want to stop. At least, that’s what I’ve always thought, and I don’t know whether you agree with me or not, but if you do, isn’t it time for a different kind of work?

Yes, it most definitely is. And what’s your new job? Taking pictures in stores and restaurants. That’s it. I wouldn’t believe it myself if I didn’t know that Gigwalk, a precious gem of an app that pays you for going into restaurants/ shops /etc. and taking a picture of an item, existed. Completing these “gigs,” hence the name, allows you to earn money for your deeds.

Here’s the deal: you go into your Gigwalk list and look at the available gigs. When you find one you want to do, go ahead and take a picture of the assigned task and send it to the company. The photo will be verified and then you get paid a healthy sum of money.

Just kidding, but the average income for these completed tasks is still about $4, a fairly large amount for simply taking a picture. But the more gigs you do, the more credit points you earn, allowing you to do gigs that can earn up to $95! Though this is rather outlandish, and I’m not quite sure how long it would take to get to that level of “skill” in taking pictures awkwardly at restaurants, but it would certainly be interesting.

Unfortunately though, the app hits its downfall when it comes to actually taking these photos that you are assigned to. Taking photos in a random restaurant is not only strange, but the manager or any employee currently working might not be happy with you nosing around the place snapping photos.

But putting the downfalls aside, I would still have to say that this app is completely worth it. Just imagine: you walk into a large mall and manage to hit 30 stores over a period of 3 hours. With the $4 average profit, you’d make around $120.

That is absolute madness, especially considering you are earning about 40 bucks an hour. Now, I’m not saying that you’re going to be lucky enough to land a mall with 30 gigs in it, but you can definitely get a decent haul no matter where you go. I definitely suggest looking into it, especially considering the app is free on the App Store and is coming soon for the Android Market.

There is an Android Market spinoff available called WeReward, also free, but I really just don’t trust it, not only because of the majority of bad reviews that it holds, but also because the app is represented by a strange picture of a flying pig with sunglasses. I don’t understand what that’s supposed to symbolize, but all I’ve come up with is something associated with that old phrase, “that’ll happen when pigs fly,” as if getting paid by an app will happen when pigs fly. If you’re an owner of an Android powered phone, go ahead and check it out. I just really don’t trust that pig.