An education in style


With finals looming and college admissions arriving in the mail, many students are tempted to ride out the storm in pajamas or sweatpants. Instead, embrace the academic spirit! In light of these especially bookish times, I searched for Central kids whose outfits embodied the collegiate style that originates from the East Coast prep environment, while still looking grounded in the Midwest.

Senior Kat Wolfe fit the bill in classic cable knits, button down shirts, and a wool blazer. These types of pieces are the hallmarks of ivy-league style:classic, simple, American, and wholesome. She keeps her look from appearing overtly preppy by using leggings and a skirt to give blunt pieces an edgy silhouette.

Likewise, looking put-together in cords and streamlined glasses, sophomore Patrick Drew includes touches of the coast in his outfit, but balances out his eastern influences with sneakers and a simple shirt.

This week, study hard, and look every bit as studious as you really are.