Pump up the noise


In the halls of Central, the subtle Apple ear bud has given up its position as the most used iPod accoutrement and allowed another piece of American innovation to take its place: over the ear headphones. Gone are the days when you would start talking to a friend during passing period and, not realizing his ears were plugged up with puny sound buds, receive not even a glance in response. Headphones make iPod usage way more obvious. With these singing earmuffs, the bigger, the bolder, the better. Framed with chunky plastic in eye-popping colors and metallic embellishments, they’ve become more of an accessory than a technological device. Ironically, they look trendier when worn nonchalantly around the neck instead of serving their real purpose over the ears. Neglecting to listen to the music piping out of the speakers around your neck gives off an aura of cool restraint, kind of like wearing a pair of shades on the top of your head on a sunny day.

Sophomore Alex Solovyev emulates this nonchalant cool as she models a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre, which is the most popular headphone brand at Central. Rappers like Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, and Ludacris have pounced on the sound muff trend, each creating his own devices for music lovers with discerning taste.

If you must attempt to shut out the noise of the halls with your own sound, do it in style.