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Book Nook: “The Girl who Fell out of the Sky”


The Girl Who Fell out of the Sky: By Heidi W. Durrow

Rating: 4/5 Devils

The Girl Who fell out of the Sky tells the story of Rachel Morse. Rachel is a young girl who inherited the striking blue eyes of her Danish mother and the “nappy” hair of her African father. Having been raised with a strong Danish influence, she struggles to maintain both of her heritages when she is sent to live with her African American grandmother after a tragic family accident. Along the way, she also uncovers details about the accident.

I felt that by being half Chinese and half Greek, I was really able to relate to the story even though I don’t have to deal with that “black or white” dividing line that Rachel had to struggle with. In broader terms, I found the theme of racial identity quite relevant in today’s multiracial society.

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What stood out to me more, though, was the format of the book. Honestly, I felt that it was okay that the book didn’t have a very definitive plotline. Through many small anecdotes and mini-stories over the course of many years, the reader sees how Rachel develops and changes as a person. This was a great way to explore how Rachel learned to deal with her racial identity and with the tragic accident that sent her to her grandmother’s house. Additionally, this makes Rachel really likeable as a character. Reading this book, I was actually reminded of Anne of Green Gables.

Something I wasn’t as crazy about was the way the story switched viewpoints. I had to juggle the way a bunch of characters’ stories related to Rachel’s story. While I recognize this gives a greater depth to the story, I would rather focus on Rachel. I think it would have been interesting if it were all through Rachel’s point of view.

Overall, this was a great book with relatable issues that I would definitely recommend, especially for those that have an interest in reading about racial stigmas and the long-term effects of tragic events.

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