Apple: A love-hate relationship

Apple: A love-hate relationship

Possibly the most interesting company in the world, Apple is a stimulus for unending praise, or on the other side, hatred. It is simply one of those issues that people feel strongly about. These strong emotional ties have been tested through the years by Apple’s new releases each year.

I am one of those people who simply can’t accept Apple. I don’t really agree with their marketing tactics, especially since they’ve been using the same slogan for the iPhone for the past five years: “The biggest thing to happen to the iPhone, since the iPhone.” Oh yeah, and this one: “If you don’t have an iPhone, well, then you don’t have an iPhone.” You bet I don’t. Apple should get an award for being so particularly insightful. But despite their lack of creativity, and my lack of admiration, Apple succeeded in selling 4 million of iPhone 4s’s in the first three days of release last year. Who am I to argue?

The real question is whether they deserve these sales. My answer is no; much like releasing the same slogan every year, Apple seems to have a common problem of releasing the same products every year, particularly when comparing the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4s. The two phones are incredibly similar, and have only a few important changes. The 4s obviously came equipped with the infamous Siri. It also had an upgraded camera, eight megapixels over the five mexapixels of the previous version. The biggest change they made was to make the processor dual core, which isn’t even a big deal, unless you want to decrease your load times by fractions of a second. And now the iPhone 5…just more of the same.

My point is that Apple needs to begin releasing products that actually create a new innovation. The iPhone was innovative five years ago. Now it’s almost cliché. The iPhone 4s was a disappointment to so many loyal Apple fanatics because it was nothing new, and yet millions of people over the first week of sales bought the phone to upgrade from the iPhone 4. It was then that they realized that the smart decision would have been to simply wait for the iPhone 5.

As it turns out, some people did wait for the iPhone 5. The larger screen just seems like a mediocre effort to compete with Android phones, like the Galaxy S3. It makes the phone seem new, but once you get into it, it has very similar aesthetics, an identical interface, and a buggy new Maps system.

I know that some people like more of the same, and they enjoy it when Apple releases something that is similar to a previous product because it’s like owning the same product which you’ve gotten used to. But I hate that. When I replace my phone, I look for something new, something that feels completely different. I find it more fun that way. Apple just needs to stop being so repetitive and start showing the real innovations that made them famous in the first place. They need to just throw something out there, something completely unexpected by Apple fans. And I know they’ll hate it, but I’ll love it.