Blueberry Hill serves up delicious pancakes

Blueberry Hill, located about three miles from Hinsdale on Rt. 83, is a small, rustic breakfast café and pancake house that is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or a brunch get-together. The restaurant offers everything from pancakes to omelets to crepes, a full selection of delectable breakfast choices for people looking for a filling meal.

When I went to Blueberry Hill, I ordered their new-featured item, Oreo S’more pancakes. The portion size was huge, and the three large pancakes came with marshmallow crème, Oreo bits, chocolate chips, powdered sugar, and syrup.  The pancakes looked exactly like what an Oreo S’more should be. The flavor was overwhelmingly chocolatey, and though the sweetness was at times overbearing, the overall taste was fluffy and delicious.

Moreover, the waiting staff was warm and welcoming (much like the pancakes), and the service was fast. I got my pancakes within seven minutes of ordering them, making the experience much more enjoyable.

For people looking for something not as sweet, Blueberry Hill offers omelets, skillets, steak and eggs, and even “south of the border” huevos a la mexicana. But Blueberry Hill’s classic specialties (and my personal favorites) are their soft and sweet pancakes.

All in all, Blueberry Hill is ideal for a quick and filling late start day breakfast. I know I will definitely be there to indulge again.