DMK Burger Bar doesn’t disappoint


DMK Burger Bar manages to serve up many different takes on the average hamburger and fries.  From avocado bison burgers, to truffle and parmesan cheese smothered french fries, the options were definitely unique, and the food was delicious.

The plethora of burger options was overwhelming at first, but after settling on a burger with aged cheddar, smoked bacon, red onion, and BBQ sauce, I was pleased. The cheese wasn’t overwhelming and the crispy bacon accented it perfectly, although the size of the burger made it a little hard to handle.

Just like the burgers, there were a large amount of options for different kinds of fries. Sticking with the black pepper and sea salt, I found the fries to be slightly over spiced but crispy and delicious overall.

To wash down the burger and fries, I decided on a peanut butter and chocolate malt milkshake The thickness of the shake made it more similar to ice cream, but that didn’t take away from the flavor. With the chocolate complementing the peanut butter, the shake proved to be a nice sidekick to the burger and fries.

On top of the excellent food, DMK’s modern atmosphere shined through. From the moment I saw the large, well-lit sign from the freeway, to the second I was hit by the loud hip-hop music at the entrance , DMK exuded innovation and style, two things usually absent from the typical burger joint. 

At $9 a burger, DMK is a little on the expensive side for the average high school student, but if you have a little extra cash in your wallet, or want to take someone out on a date, DMK does not disappoint.