Ready to order rice


Sanya Sawlani

Herbert Wang, freshman, customizes his fried rice recipe to each customer’s liking.

While many students check to make sure they have their homework before a Monday morning, freshman Herbert Wang, spends Sunday night counting rice boxes to ensure he’s completed the rice orders for the week.

What started out as a joke as quickly turned into a business for the young entrepreneur, who sells fried rice out of his backpack.

“[I only sell rice] on Mondays. Since it’s a late start, it’s easy for me to make the rice fresh in the morning and deliver it to people throughout the day,” Wang said.

When asked how Wang came up with the business idea, he explained how it originally started as a joke from a friend.

“I took the idea and just started selling rice,” Wang said.

Wang’s rice is now in high demand. It’s not unusual for Wang to have five to six orders every Monday. Each order comes with a “base rice” consisting of rice, eggs, green onion, and soy sauce. From there the purchaser is able to order extra vegetables and meat for an additional fee.

“It is hard to stay stocked with supplies;  you never know what people will want in their rice. My mom goes to the store to buy the supplies and often will help me make it,” Wang said.

Wang doesn’t think of his fried rice business as just a hobby; he hopes to take his talents into his future occupation. His customers love the rice and his business.

“I think what  [Wang] is doing is super innovative and smart,” said Tara Tekkey, sophomore.

Check out Wang’s rice menu via Instagram @herbertwagn to see the many options.