Spring into the season with these recipes


courtesy of joyfulhealthyeats

Aptly named for the time of season, spring rolls provide a crunchy, healthy alternative to comfort foods.

With spring, the markets now have an abundance of fresh produce that are in season.  Usually, we look forward to spring because it marks the end of cold weather and the beginning of new life.  Now, we can celebrate the edge of winter and the beginning of flourishing flowers and sunshine with these spring recipes.

Fruits and vegetables are especially good for students since they are jam packed with vital nutrients. Throughout Spring, asparagus may not be the first item to choose from, but this quick and easy recipe here, can have any student enjoy their greens.  Asparagus contains the amino acid asparagine, which is important in the development and function of the brain.  So, eat plenty of asparagus in time for upcoming final exams.

Some people have a hard time eating their veggies, but they do love their carbs.  This recipe allows for students to eat their veggies and their pasta.  In this dish, tomatoes have health benefits such as improving digestion, skin problems, and are known reducing inflammation.  As well as tomatoes, broccoli can kick out cholesterol and it keeps your heart healthy by strengthening blood vessels.  

Crunchy vegan spring rolls are both tasty for both vegans and non-vegans.  This recipe uses fresh and tasty produce like cucumber.  Cucumbers are known to heal many skin problems, under eye swelling, and sunburns.

As for flowers and fruit, grab a picnic blanket in the garden, and eat warm lemon scones, surrounded by flowers.  The tartness from the lemons creates a refreshing break for your senses. 

Lemon scones provide a healthier dessert option.