One final scoop before winter


Caroline Booras

Clarendon Hills’ popular ice cream shop will close at the end of October for the winter season.

A community favorite, The Daily Scoop is preparing to close its doors for the winter months

The Daily Scoop has closed their weekday doors for the winter after another busy summer. The popular Clarendon Hills based ice cream shop, located at 9 S. Prospect Ave., has been a fan favorite of all ages. Recently, I sat down with an employee to talk and try some of their delicious flavors.

Caroline Booras, junior, has been working at The Daily Scoop since late last April. She loves working there for its coworkers and low maintenance. “Any high schooler can work at The Daily Scoop,” Booras said. “It’s pretty low stress most of the time.”

The ice cream shop generally serves families and parents of elementary school kids. With its prime location in the heart of Clarendon Hills, their clientele range demographically from Hinsdale all the way to Western Springs. So in the summer, when kids are out of school, the fairly small ice cream parlor can be a bit crowded with kids eager to try the popular Superman flavor.

“Little boys go crazy for [the Superman flavor],” Booras said. I was able to try that specific flavor, and can attest to the reason why little kids go wild for it. With its swirl of bright red, blue and yellow, it is easy to see how this flavor can make anyone feel like a superhero.

Heather Raslan, sophomore, has always loved a good chocolate flavor. “The chocolate at The Daily Scoop has got to be the best around,” Raslan said.

Booras also the chocolate gets ordered a lot by repeat customers.

The Daily Scoop is still open on the weekends until the end of the month. Make sure to stop by for a scoop of their frozen treat before they close their doors for the winter. They plan to reopen in late February.