Popular spot serves up great dishes and ambiance


Peter Taylor

For students looking for a place to get a good burger and view sports games, Tracy’s Tavern in Clarendon Hills offers both.

Opened in 1985, Tracy’s Tavern serves as a popular American kickback restaurant with more than 15 flat screen TVs for sports fans. The tavern, located on 55th Street and Western Avenue in Clarendon Hills, creates an old Irish feel with its decor.

What distinguishes Tracy’s from its competitors is its old age and warm feeling. With all the hustle after a long day of school and activities, Tracy’s offers a relaxed environment where one can enjoy a multiple selection of foods from cheeseburgers, pizza, wings, to Tracy’s Corn Beef Sandwich.

“The chili cheese fries and corn beef are my go to because they’re my favorite thing off the menu,” said Melanie Mulvihill, senior.

The menu caters to all ages, and offers an environment that is both kid friendly and a destination for adults. There is a vast selection of appetizers and pizza for big groups. Tracy’s also provides sandwiches for those who don’t like to share their food. The sandwiches come in a wide variety of customization options from selecting your choice of cheese to substituting sides such as fries or onion rings for a more preferred option.

According to employees, the restaurant gets more crowded during the weekends. During my visit, upon sitting, a friendly waitress asked me what I’d like to drink and after several minutes, I ordered a cheeseburger with everything on it and fries. I found the food to be very tasty.

“I think most people like the corn beef because it’s homemade and it’s good,” Mulvihill said.

The restaurant extends beyond it’s food with its plenty of TVs, usually featuring popular live sports games. The tavern also offers live music on the weekends of bands that play an eclectic mix of top 40, blues and good time music. 

 Tracy’s Tavern is located at 401 55th St. in Clarendon Hills.