Dear slow drivers

Although you may be driving safer than I am, I still need to get somewhere on time. I am a very cordial person and need to be on time. Even when I don’t need to be somewhere at a certain time, I still like to get to wherever I’m going quickly. Don’t get me wrong, driving over the speed limit should not be done, but driving way below the speed limit causes issues too for others.

Since the day I started driving on the road, I’ve had troubles with slow drivers. I’ve gotten stuck behind cars going 10 under the limit countless amounts of times, which ended up with me being late to wherever i’m going. Usually when this happens I get angry, yell, and honk my horn until I realize the person driving the car is an old lady or man. I always feel bad after honking and try to give a friendly wave.

When I am stuck behind a slow driver, my patience runs thin. It’s hard to stay calm. It only makes me want to speed even more. Although the slow driver in front of me may be doing me a favor by keeping me under the limit, it is still illegal to be so low under the speed limit. Driving too slow may cause inconveniences for not only me, but the people behind me as well. It creates traffic and overall potential danger.

Now, it isn’t all the time that I am in a rush to get somewhere. Sometimes I’ll be out on a quick drive to grab food or run some errands. But, when I do come across a slow driver during these times, I still have these same emotions and concerns. As I mentioned before, most slow drivers are older people. I can’t really blame them if they drive slow. I’m sure I wouldn’t be as good or confident in driving myself when I get older. But in my opinion, I think there should be a legal age cap to where you should be able to drive. This would solve a lot of my issues on the road.

Overall, my relationship with slow drivers is two sided. I understand why, but can’t seem to accept it. It still brings out frustrated and angry emotions. When I’m driving I tend to try and steer away from those emotions because that too is dangerous while on the road. Although I’ll never be able to accept driving behind a slow driver, I’ll still always have the understanding for them.