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Dear hallway travelers

Finley Bisch
Spencer Anderson and Charlie Gilman, seniors, abide by rule 1.

Dear hallway travelers,

At this point in the year, hallway etiquette should not have to be explained. Even (most of) the freshmen, who have been here for just four months, understand the rules of the hallways. We were spoiled in middle school, with lines in the center of each hallway to dictate who walks on which side. This created a safe environment for everyone. Once we arrived in high school, and once the one-way hallways that were implemented during COVID-19 were removed, the hallways became a lawless land, or so some of us assumed.

Because this school is in need of a refresher, here is the list of rules that people should be following while in the hallways:

    1. Walk on the right. For those of you who have been in a rule following car, this should be an obvious one. No one wants to have to move out of your way because you decided to act like a salmon.
    2. Don’t walk with your head down on your phone. I can understand if you’re trying to get concert tickets, I was attached to my phone while trying to get Eras Tour tickets, but there is absolutely no need to be so enthralled in your Snapchat group chat that you are walking slowly and getting in everyone’s way. Get to class, then send your streaks. 
    3. Don’t walk right next to the wall. Some of us have classes in rooms in busy hallways, like room 152 and 154. By walking next to the door, you are inconveniencing everyone who is trying to get into those rooms. Be considerate and move over six inches. 
    4. Walk at a normal pace, not too fast but not too slow. We all have somewhere to be (like, I don’t know, class?). Those of us trying to get there on time shouldn’t have to be punished for your snail pace. On the contrary, it would be quite problematic if everyone ran through the halls. We just need to learn to walk at a nice brisk pace.
    5. No PDA. It’s gross. I don’t really feel like I should have to explain this one. 
    6. Do not fight your friends in the hallway. This one is specifically for the freshman boys who think that shoving their friends around is peak comedy. It’s not. No one else thinks you’re funny. Please stop.
    7. Don’t gather in groups outside of classrooms. I understand that teachers are not always there before the bell, but that does not give you the permission to block the entire hallway in a group with your friends. This is the one case where you can ignore rule 3 and stand a little closer to the wall, for everyone’s sake. 
    8. Walk with no more than 3 people in a row. The hallways are small, no one wants to have to be stuck behind your group of four taking up the entire hallway. If you are walking in a group of three, see rule 4. 
    9. Respect right of way rules. Once again, for those of us who have been in law abiding cars, the right of way gets confusing. Just go into every hallway intersection assuming that you do not have the right of way. This helps everyone get through life a little easier.
    10. Be a good person. It is common decency to respond when someone says hello to you. Even if you only speak to them in class, say hello. Also don’t do anything stupid that will result in actual punishment by the school. Be a good person. 
The rooms mentioned in rule 3. (Finley Bisch)

While most of this list boils down to the last one, it is crucial that we remember these rules. I would like my final semester in high school to include a stress-free hallway experience. I hope that this list inspires at least some hallway travelers to be on better behavior and not act like middle schoolers. 

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Finley Bisch

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