Pledging Hinsdale Central’s new teachers


Michael Dietrich

Staff writer Sophie Pecilunas challenges new teacher Mr. Madden, who teaches in the business department, on how well he knows the school fight song.

This year, like every other school year, Hinsdale Central has opened its doors to many newcomers for the first time, students and teachers alike, but students rarely get to see teachers in the same manner that they can see their peers.

This is why Devil’s Advocate Online has decided to give students an exclusive look into some of the new teachers doing all of the things that Hinsdale Central students have seen or done at least once in a video entitled “Pledging Hinsdale Central’s New Teachers”.

The pledges in the aforementioned video include Miss Palumbo, Mr. Madden, Miss Phillip, and Ms. Belmonte who performed challenges like answering trivia about the Hinsdale Central Student Handbook, singing the school’s fight song, taking a selfie with Principal Kolkman, and performing a dance-off with Juan, a Hinsdale Central custodian who loves to dance.

The only teacher of these few who can really be considered new is Miss Phillip. Phillip, an ELL teacher, graduated from North Park University just this past May, and before that was one of Hinsdale Central’s own students.

However, Phillip is not the only teacher to have past connections to the school.

Before this year, Ms. Palumbo, a graduate of Penn State, had taken over for two maternity leave positions at Hinsdale Central.

Ms. Belmonte, on the other hand, while new to Central, has been teaching at rival Hinsdale South for the past five years, and continues to teach there in the afternoons. Belmonte has a diverse set of interests, teaching both art and physical education, and coaching soccer and basketball at Hinsdale South at the same time. She also coaches girls soccer at her alma matter, St. Xavier University in Chicago.

Mr. Madden, the new teacher to the business department, specializes in accounting, entrepreneurship, and investment planning. Before teaching at Hinsdale Central, he taught at Lake Zurich for six years.