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Former student makes it onto Idol

Courtesy of Jayne Jaeger

After waiting  hours on a hot, steamy July day with thousands and then waiting to perform with 500 others, Jayne Jaeger, 2012,  auditioned with American Idol and made it to round two in October.

In October, the contestants auditioned in front of executive producers, and that is where Jaeger received her golden ticket. 

“They filmed my family walking in and laughing, congratulating her, so basically all that footage of people laughing and talking with their families is all staged,” said sister Cara Jaeger, senior.

The next round was in December, and Jaeger was asked to wear the same hair, outfit, and makeup because it was supposed to be like the first day of auditions.  That is when she made it through to Hollywood and sang for Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Randy Jackson. 

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 “At first they weren’t sure if she could sing pop, but then they noticed that she goes to school for opera, so they had her sing an opera song, and it really impressed them.  Nicki, Mariah, and Keith said yes, but Randy said no,” Cara said. 

“My reaction was super excited.  Since she is an opera singer, I really didn’t think she was going to make it through in a pop singing competition, but obviously it was so exciting and cool,” Cara said.

Later in December, she went to Hollywood.  Twenty girls lined up and sang for 20 seconds.  Both of Jaeger’s sisters are very proud of what she accomplished. 

“I am proud of her because she made it on TV and beat out thousands of people,” said sister Jillian Jaeger, freshmen.

At first Jillian was nervous because she knew it was a tough competition.  “I was really shocked and excited it was happening to my sister,” Jillian said.

Since Cara and Jayne are so close, Cara thinks it’s hard to think of Jayne as a role model.  However, Cara plans on trying out for American Idol like Jayne.  “It’ll be hard to live up to the expectations though, but I’m definitely more the pop singer in the family, which could be my downfall since there are so many people like me,” Cara said.

Jillian thought it was a good audition experience for her.   “I think she just learned about how much character is important and how much you can’t just go up there and sing. You have to have a story and background because you have to make good TV; you have to stand out,” Cara said.

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