Music students perform at annual winter concert

On Wednesday, Dec. 12 at 7:30 p.m. students from all the music programs, including the band and choir students took part in the winter concert. Many students participated and the auditorium was full of students’ friends and families. 

There was a preview of the show during an assembly on Tuesday, Dec. 11, where students from all grade levels watched approximately 45 minutes of the concert. Classes were shorter than usual and there were three different times to where students can watch, depending on their third-period classes. Students did SEL activities while waiting for the concert to start.

The purpose of the concert was to get together and spread the Christmas spirit together, and not only for the parents to watch, but for the students as well. Since there was an assembly, many students who don’t usually see band or choir performances were able to see their musical peers perform.

“Our winter concert is definitely large and is pretty festive and so many people enjoy it,” said Monica Marshall, junior choir member.

Students put in a lot of time and effort for both performances. They met everyday after school in order to prepare for both events.

“We practice every day but sometimes we have our focus on a certain piece or it just depends on what the teacher believes we need to work on the most,” said Lily Fuchs, junior and a member of the choir.

Most of the students enjoy this because it’s something different and they have shortened class hours, rather than the everyday regular schedule. They also enjoy it because they get to be with their friends while enjoying the show. Some students can’t always come outside of school hours to watch their friends perform, so the winter concert on Tuesday was beneficial to them.

“This winter concert has always been one of my favorite concerts, so I’m definitely going to miss playing in it next year. One of my favorite parts is when the band and the choir come together in the end for the combined holiday piece,” said Aparna Srinivasan, senior band member.