Red Devil Service Club makes blankets for service project


Courtesy of Ms. Sara Pendergrass

Red Devils Service club members and sponsors come together to make blankets for donation to children in need.

Red Devil Service Club (RDSC) members had their first club meeting of the semester on Jan. 24 in room 216. The club members spent the meeting making blankets for their Snug Hugs Service Project and discussing their next big service project. 

The Red Devil Service Club was originally Key Club, a club that had been at Central for a long time. This year is the first year with the club’s new name, which had been changed to make more of a local impact in the community. 

RDSC has four main events that occur throughout the year, and those being Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) on Nov. 14, Day of Service on Oct. 19, and PADS, where they distribute meals to shelters, on Feb. 7 and 8.   The club is also planning on taking another trip to FMSC on April 16. These are four of the core events that happen throughout the year and are required to be attended by club members, but there are also small projects that happen every two weeks or so. 

“In this meeting, we’re making blankets for those in need of it and for charity,” said Ms. Sophia Rahman, club sponsor and history teacher. 

The blankets made by the club for their current service project are being donated to the local Hinsdale Hospital and others in need. 

“Moving forward, we’re going to have a PADS event, on Feb. 7 and 8. The team is planning on making the food at Central and on Feb. 8, going to a local Hinsdale church and distributing it to the people there,” Rahman said. 

A lot of the club members, like Lousia Brorson, are looking forward to the PADS event since they enjoy cooking and helping the community. 

“Today was very fun, I was up early already and when I heard about the meeting since I’m part of the Remind, I wanted to come and help make the blankets,” Brorson said. 

Brorson said being part of RDSC is a really simple way to volunteer and help out the community even in school. She enjoys coming to the events because the members are all welcoming and supportive of each other. 

“I try to volunteer as much as I can, and it’s hard with my schedule, which is why I like going to the RDSC website to try and find a time or event that best suites my schedule to find ways to be more mindful of what’s going on in our community,” Brorson said. 

The club has official members but anyone is welcomed to join any time of the year or to stop by the meetings and help out on the projects. 

“I would say the Day of Service project is our most successful,” said Ms. Sara Pendergrass, club sponsor, and special education teacher. “We had over 300 students come and help out in October this year so we were really proud of that turnout.” 

The next club meeting will be on Friday, Feb. 7 for the PADS event. If you’re interested in being part of the Remind and knowing when and where the next service opportunities are, text @hcrdsc19 to 81010.