Hinsdale Central celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month


Mikayla Mahler

Ilana Gonzalez stands in front of the painting created by the HSA.

National Hispanic Heritage Month takes place from Sept. 15-Oct. 15. Throughout these past couple of weeks, the students have celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month at Hinsdale Central. The Hispanic Student Association (HSA) played a big part in getting students informed and involved in Hispanic culture.

This year the HSA  found creative ways to spread the importance of the Latinx culture.

“We played Hispanic music during the passing period on Fridays and finished painting a mural in the language hallway,” said Iliana Gonzalez, senior and HSA member. 

Bianca Holland, world language teacher and sponsor of the HSA for fifteen years, discussed different opportunities offered for Hispanic students.

This year’s Hispanic Heritage month theme photograph is pictured above. (Mikayla Mahler)

“There are a lot of universities in Chicago that offer specific courses and opportunities to Latino students that a lot of our students have taken a part of,” Holland said. 

Alongside the opportunities, the Hispanic Student Association has created a safe environment for students in the school.

“I joined the club to hopefully find a community and other students with similar backgrounds to me and take part in activities to spread awareness of the Latinx community at Hinsdale Central,” said Aisha Gazi, junior.

Though Hispanic Heritage Month has come to a close, there are plenty of activities to celebrate Hispanic Heritage.

Upcoming events for the Association include doing a dance in the cultural fair. To join, feel free to email Holland or talk to Mrs. Sally Phillip in the activities office, located in the new commons. They meet on Wednesdays at 7:30 a.m. in room 147.