Students vote in 2022 Illinois general election


Rachel Brugge

Hinsdale Central Students most recently voted in the 2022 Illinois general election that took place on Nov. 8.

The Illinois general election that took place on Nov. 8 allowed Illinois residents to vote for their choice of representatives in the House and the Senate, the governor’s race between candidates JB Pritzker and Darren Bailey, state legislature such as the Illinois general assembly, Secretary of State, Attorney General, the workers rights amendment, Illinois Supreme Court, as well as local positions such as country board and judges. 

But some parts of the ballot had a lot more political weight than others. 

“Control of the Senate is really important because it determines whether or not the President can confirm justices or ambassadors, and whether they can have the bills that they want considered,”  said Christopher Wilbur, civics teacher.  

There were also a few other questions on the back of the ballot that determined the support of local initiatives. 

“There were questions about the continued support of local small businesses, mental health services, and electric car charging stations, and those seemed most important to me because they will probably affect my family the most,” said Laniyah Bailey, senior. 

And for a few seniors at Hinsdale Central, this will be their first opportunity to vote. 

“This is my first chance to be a participating member of our democracy, and to get to express my thoughts and beliefs on a greater scale,” said Aadit Bhavsar, senior. 

There are benefits to being civically engaged at a young age. 

Dupage county polling locations were open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. for voters. (Rachel Brugge)

“Our democracy depends on people participating. And if you establish those habits at a younger age you’re more likely to continue to participate throughout your life,” Wilbur said. 

With being able to vote comes responsibility to make civically-minded and wise decisions. 

“Do your research to figure out which candidates best align to your values,” Wilbur said. 

But without a doubt students said they believe that it is necessary for their age group to vote. 

“The youth vote is one of the most important votes since we’re up and coming members of society and the people that we elect today are going to be determining our own future,” Bhavsar said. 

From a historical point of view, voting means more to certain groups of people because of their lack of societal influence in the past. 

“I think that it is especially important for girls and for people of color to vote because of the history surrounding those minorities gaining the right to vote, and exercising that right is important,” Bailey said. For more information about the 2022 Illinois general election, click here.