District 86 school board election results

District 86 residents voted for various candidates to represent the school board. (Flickr)

District 86 residents voted for various candidates to represent the school board. (Flickr)

On Tuesday, April 4, District 86 held an election for the school board. Five candidates ran for three seats. Candidates included Kay Gallo, Catherine Greenspon, Asma Akhas, Andrew Catton, and Deborah Willoughby. 

The three elected members, Kay Gallo, Catherine Greenspon, and Asma Akhas, are all active members in the D86 community. Gallo is a Clarendon Hills resident who has been married for 38 years with three children. She was also a board president from 2015-2017. Greenspon is married and has a senior at Hinsdale Central High School. Akhas is on a board of directors in Indian Prairie Public Library in Darien. 

District 86 residents and students over the age of 18 were able to go to the polls and vote for the school board members. (Wikimedia Commons)

“It is like every other election where it is our duty to vote in this country to see who is representing my family and I,” said Brett Moore, teacher in physical education.  

Although this election is similar to other elections held for District 86, it was an exciting opportunity for new voters. 

 “This election was important to me because it was my first opportunity to vote,” said Mara Neimeyer, senior. “I was excited to get the opportunity to have a say in who is in charge of my education.” 

Kay Gallo, Catherine Greenspon, and Asma Akhras led the votes. Gallo with 6,675 votes (26%), Greenspon with 6,592 votes (25%), and Akhras with 5,085 votes (19%). 

“I am interested to see the new policies they have in store for our school district,” said Taylor Varchetto, senior. 

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