Central celebrates 19th annual Cultural Fair


Mikayla Mahler

On Friday, April 28, students gathered in the gym during the school day and Friday evening to watch the 19th annual Cultural Fair.

On Friday, April 2, Hinsdale Central hosted its 19th annual Cultural Fair. Performances were during the school day as well as Friday night. Various different cultures participated in their respective dances. As well as a multitude of clubs partaked in dances including, Greek Club and Hispanic Student Association. 

Each dance took a lot of time and effort for each group to prepare. (Mikayla Mahler)

“We did the Greek dance and practiced several times a week,” said Elizabeth Lahmann, junior. “This dance was significant because it symbolizes everyone coming together. During the dance, we almost never let go of each other and I think that’s beautiful and an important part of the dance.”

Many students said they feel that the Cultural Fair is a great opportunity to represent their respective cultures and grow closer to those who share similar backgrounds. 

“I participated in the Bollywood dance,” said Aadit Bhavsar, senior. “I liked the senior dance and allowed all of the seniors to come together around a common culture and become acquainted with one another before we head off to college.”

The annual fair is an opportunity for all students to see different heritages around the world. 

Students performed a Bollywood dance. (Mikayla Mahler)

“I think it’s important to show all the different cultures represented in our school population,” said Natalia Trejo, freshman. 

The fair was during school on Friday as well as Friday night. Spectators got to see the fair, while enjoying booths and free snacks. 

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