What use are dating tips?


Colleen Martucci

Should girls really be getting their dating advice from magazines? Staff writer, Caroline Kealy, discusses the pros and cons from these sources.

I’m a sucker for a good trashy magazine. While I’ve never delved into tabloids and such, the ample versions of women’s advice magazines are just fun to me. But before I go any further, let me clarify something: these glossy publications are attractive to me for one focal reason. How hard they make me laugh. While entertaining to watch, the compilation of awful pick up lines can act as a warning to those perusing the internet for the perfect way to get something done. While many of the lines used were comical, the portion which is somewhat unbelievable is the fact that these are deemed advice. If you take anything from the video, I recommend paying attention to the reactions.

We live in a day and age in which any information seems to be readily available. Cell-phones are equipped with internet apps, laptop computers relying information in less than a second. Surpassed only by the question how do I get a passport, tips on how to obtain a boyfriend is one of the first questions to pop up in the Google search bar when prompted by the phrase “how do I”. While I’m not dissing the concept of receiving romantic advice, I do feel obligated to shine light onto how truly awful these “tips” are. Advice columns found in teen magazines make dating seem like a multi-step process; as if saying certain words and acting in a certain way can guarantee the end result which they desire. Unfortunately, in many cases that’s not how things end up working out. Other factors must be taken into consideration, advice should be adjusted for specific situations. The overarching flaw with articles such as “10 things to do to make him fall in love with you” is simple; they tend to make promises which cannot be kept.

Even worse, the targets for these lists are often at those who simply don’t know any better. We’ve all been through that phase, one in which you feel obligated to do whatever possible in order to fit in. These articles are often incorrectly deemed valid by those who are desperate to find advice. Unfortunately, it’s much easier to see how foolish said advice is in retrospect. Of course, this is often not the intention. I truly hope there is no one sitting out there, planning to ruin the lives of teenagers nation-wide. However, these outside the box ideas often end up doing more harm than good. So what is the tip? The way to get that boy to like you? In all honesty, there’s not one answer. It’s not something which can be simplified; relationships are complicated. Feelings are involved, as are people. As obvious as it may seem, it shouldn’t be forgotten that everyone is different. A pick up line which may work on someone could repulse another. There is no concise answer. I hate to be cliche in what I am to say next, but it’s advice which should be taken into consideration. Just be who you are.

While trying cheesy lines can act as a fun game every now and then, it should be stated that in many cases, these “rules to live by” are simply over-complicated tips. So next time you’re standing in the aisle at Target and the pink headline “HOW TO GET A GUY IN A WEEK” is screaming at you, take a breath. Open up the magazine, read the article and laugh, and put it down. Then proceed to be the person you are.