To ditch or not to ditch: Senior class can’t decide


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Ferris and friends, from the 1986 classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, decide to take the day off from school, as many seniors will do Nov. 5.

As elusive as the senior class has attempted to be, word spread in regards to the alleged Senior Ditch Day on Thursday, Nov. 5, last week. Using the senior class Facebook group, one student proposed the idea of a Ditch Day, and since we already do not have school that following Friday, Seniors can relax after the stress of college applications with a four-day weekend.

Another student decided to investigate, and he proceeded to ask former Social Chair, Wes Berger, on their amount of Ditch Days. The high amount of Ditch Days last year would justify the Ditch Day tomorrow, but current Social Chairs, Eamon McMahon and Eric Foley, and Presidents Charlie Wasz and Jimmy Lee bunked the idea and claimed that it is not a “class-sponsored ditch day.”

A few posts on the Facebook group, and it got everyone talking. McMahon commented that this reaction and the day in all is unnecessary, because the school leaders have another Ditch Day planned for the near future. This commotion that McMahon has described, however, has had different reactions from students.

“I’m not sure why it’s such a big deal,” said Aly Lagestee, senior. 

Most students were fed up with the debate.

“If you want to ditch, ditch,” said Brandon Cummings, senior. 

Red Devil Nation has brought together many Central students; could this Ditch Day do the same?
Colleen Martucci
Red Devil Nation has brought together many Central students; could this Ditch Day do the same?

The class is split half-and-half; from 30 Seniors polled, 15 said they plan to participate and 15 will not. This divide has caused much debate on the authenticity of the event. Since it is not class-sponsored, many have decided they will still go to school.

Joe Scheri claims he has “already missed too many days of school,” so another day off seems redundant.

Yet, others, like Parker Van Dorn, say it’s a day for seniors to chill out for once after the stress of college applications, though this can also lead to a bad case of Senioritis.

Seniors, whether or not you decide to ditch, remember these days are to bring us together, so do something productive with another Devil – something that is worth a detention over.