The holiday music debacle; to listen or not to listen?


Let me just start off by saying that there is nothing that I love more than the holiday season. While I’m one who often tends to romanticize things, November and December have always held special places in my heart.

However, my opinions on the music which seems to surround the holidays contained with in these months is ever-changing (partially because it’s not even Thanksgiving and the only thing I can hear throughout my house is the sound of jingling bells). It becomes difficult to love seasonal music when you’ve listened to a song about a red nosed reindeer four times in the past hour because, let’s be honest, there’s not too many topics that these songs can be written about.

We all know about the snow man and have become much too comfortable with Mariah Carey claiming that she only wants YOU for Christmas (but let’s be honest here, there had to be something else on the wish-list). For many (myself included), these melodies grow irritating simply because I’ve heard them too many times.

So here’s where you have a few options. You can choose to completely ignore the holiday season, lock yourself in a room, and not talk to anyone for two months. Or, you can completely go crazy, and throw yourself into every festive activity out there.

Or you can simply embrace the fact that these songs which may seem to drive you up a wall were simply created to lighten things up. While listening to them on repeat isn’t a suggestion of mine, allowing yourself to sit back and enjoy it can result in a better experience.

So happy holidays (and happy listening).