Strange rules


Talia Sankari

The rule saying that students cannot enter without a pass, which is one of the most disliked rules in the school.

Let’s get one thing straight — this school is a weird place full of weird people (‘weird’science’ department, this means you) and weird rules. Here is a list of some of the oddest, irritating things every student has experienced:

The first of the weird rules is absolutely the single most annoying thing.. It’s frustrating and forcing everyone to go two minutes out of their way. What is this absurd rule I speak of? I’m talking about the rule that states that students can’t pass through the library.

Why is this a thing? Now, I understand that walking through the library may cause some disruption, but if I want to eat lunch in the upper level of the cafeteria and my previous class was English then I should be able to walk through the library. Having students go half way around the building to keep the library quiet is not a sacrifice we are willing to make.

Our next weird rule is something almost everyone has dealt with at some point. This rule states that students are to be interrogated before being allowed to use the bathroom at lunch. This one makes no sense because nine times out of 10 I’m already walking toward the bathroom when I’m asked where I’m going. Now, if I were to walk in the opposite direction, then this rule would make sense because it’s disruptive to have mass numbers of students walking all over the building at all times. So here, hall monitors, is my plea to let us use the bathroom at our own discretion.

This rule makes the least sense. It states that one must have a pass from class before entering the nurse’s office. Why?! There are a couple of arguments as to why this rule is ridiculous so I’ll use a numbering system:

  1. This is unsafe. If I feel I’m going to faint in one of my classes, do I really need to have my teacher sign his or her name in my student handbook? Would you rather have students puke in class or en route to the nurse rather than somewhere where it’s (probably) minimally better?
  2. It’s a waste of time. Why can’t I just stop in the nurse’s office and get an ice pack or a band aid during passing period rather than going all the way to my class to get a pass for something that takes less than two minutes?
  3. It looks like I’m ditching. This week, I needed to go to the nurse and asked my PE teacher for a pass, she said I would have to ask my next period teacher for a pass. Off I went to Physics where my teacher asked why I was leaving, probably thinking I was just trying to get out of his class.

We are here all of the time and cannot escape, so shouldn’t we try to make it a better, more friendly and comfortable environment to learn in?