A high school guide on how to survive Valentines Day

Graphic image from somecards.com

Graphic image from somecards.com

Caroline Kealy, Staff Writer

Feb. 14 should really just be another day.

Honestly, the greeting card company which decided to tack on a full blown holiday onto the day smack-dab in the middle of the month is someone I’d like to have a nice chat with.

But, however overblown the whole so-called holiday is, it is still thought of highly by people worldwide. Flowers are bought, diamonds strategically hidden in the bottom of champaign flutes. The growth of the rom-com genre along with the increasing popularity of gossip magazines has allowed the love themed holiday to seep into the mind of the average teenager. Will a singing valentine really suffice as a gift? Why are a bouquet of roses so expensive?

And so, for all of you lovestruck high schoolers out there, here are a handful of thoughts on the day designated by the colors red and pink.

Please DO NOT deliver your boyfriend/girlfriends a new four foot tall teddy bear to them at school. Just think about how much they’ll have a hard time cuddling with the stuffed animal in math class, and the even harder time they’ll have trying to fit it into their locker. While fuzzy animals are always endearing, the hallways may not be the best place to give a stuffed toy a new home.

If you really want to show your special valentine how much you appreciate them, surprise them at random intervals throughout the day, decked out in red and pink sequined clothes, with a song. It’s like a singing valentine, but better. While I would suggest coming equipped with a harmonica or a medium sized guitar, acoustic performances can always be nice.

And if you’re looking to be unique in regards to candy, don’t settle for a heart shaped box of assorted chocolates. Being unique is something people tend to appreciate, so branch out. Instead of only buying heart shaped things, try and find candy tins in the shape of various amphibians. Target sells a lovely frog shaped desert box.
Whether you hate it or love the holiday, it’s just another 24 hour time span that will be pretty irrelevant in a few weeks. If you’re a February fanatic, enjoy it while you can. Wear all the pink you own, go and tell everyone you love them with all of your heart. For those of you who turn up their nose at the frilly holiday, take advantage of the discounted chocolate and watch a scary movie.

At the end of the day, remember that Valentine’s Day is really just another day.