Why I haven’t received a singing Valentine


Mackenzie Murtaugh

As if I wasn’t contemplating my own existence enough, a boy mocks me by placing a random boy’s heart on my sleeve.

Mackenzie Murtaugh, Staff Writer

Two days, four hours, 25 minutes, and fourteen seconds. The countdown to Valentine’s Day — the day that gives me the most ferocious anxiety of them all. The days of adolescence, where the valentines were assigned and all was simple in my brain. Those were the most easy days, when everyone was my Valentine and I theirs. 

Yet, here at our humble school, the stakes of pleasing our peers are ultra-heightened. The obnoxious and offensive collide for our prestigious singing Valentine event, where the most talented and colorful of our students serenade, all while embarrassing, the students I am jealous of. These students, the ones who receive the singing Valentines, make me wonder — what have I done in my four years at this school to not deserve one of these signs of friendship, love, and popularity.

I will be the first to say I am not the most bright, but does that equate to not deserving the most love? Possibly, I will have to investigate that more on a later date.

What about my friends’ financial situation? Are they much less affluent than our school has led me to believe? This I will also investigate, yet it may be more awkward than I can handle. Maybe the three dollars is too much. Yet, are they too uncomfortable with me to tell me their situations? I am a very understanding and cool person, as I have been told by people who ought to know. 

To reiterate, my “people” skills are impeccable, the best of the best, really. Unlike the others whom receive these prized singing Valentines, I, a strong woman, can handle this breath of  awkward air. Do I still not deserve that perfect, solitary moment of love from pink and red students whom I have never conversed with? My confidence would rage in that iridescent chair. Yet, no dice for yours truly.

I may never find my answer, but please wonder for yourself — what are YOUR friends doing wrong if you are in my situation as well. Ask them, “are you financially stable? Do you need some extra cash for that special someone (point at yourself just to ensure they realize how special you are)?” Remember, receiving a singing Valentine may not seem the most pertinent form of affection, but it displays what is the most appropriate — popularity to your peers. Happy Valentine’s Day, Central.