The Truth Behind The Price Of Prom


Hinsdale Central Prom at Navy Pier. Photo courtesy of Hinsdale Magazine.

Prom is expensive.

This statement doesn’t really come as a surprise for most high school students. There are the tux rentals and the purchasing of prom dresses, the hair and nail appointments. And on top of all of that, the funds required to actually attend the annual prom.

However much the students grumble, few truly have a grasp on why we pay $100 for one evening. One of the head directors for Central’s Prom, English teacher Ms. Kapelnikova, explained why the price for tickets runs so high. And how, in actuality, the fee is worth it.

The prom itself is not an event which is simply thrown together. The night many dream of, equipped with a buffet dinner and a highly sought after venue (the Crystal Gardens at Navy Pier), is thoroughly planned for.

“We actually started organizing it at the end of last year’s prom,” said Ms. Kapelnikova about the process of organizing the event. “After prom is over, we start putting in the deposits for next year.”

And the ticket price is not simply for students to be able to dance in a room for a few hours. The money paid goes towards the venue, the DJ, the buses, and numerous other expenses. And with the help of fundraising facilitated by class board and contributions from students, the ticket, which is actually worth around $120, is cut down to $100 per student.

“In our conference, we have the lowest ticket price for prom,” Ms. Kapelnikova said, regarding the specific number itself.

While the expenses may seem too much, it’s vital to realize the work and planning that happens behind the scenes when it comes to planning for prom.