Special Olympics basketball competes against D99 Hoops


Michaela Malec

The Special Olympics basketball team played on Wednesday, Nov. 28 in the field house.

On Wednesday, Nov. 28, the Special Olympics Basketball Team played D99 Hoops at home. The game started at 4:30 p.m. and took place in the field house.

Before the game starts, the players meet with their individual coaches to warm up, and the referees and team coaches from both teams discuss any issues any the players might encounter. For example, one player was only able to do inbound passes, so he inbounded for both teams during the game.

“I think the game went well. The team showed their improvement by working together and passing the ball around before each shot,” said Tess Ellithorpe, senior special olympics basketball coach. 

Michaela Malec
The Red Devils played the D99 Hoops, and are scheduled to replay them in early January.

The team was without players Nico, Priya, and Jeremiah, so the team is looking forward to winning once they return to the team.

The players are most excited for pack the place, which will take place on Saturday, Jan. 19 against Downers Grove South. It will take place in Central’s main gym, which will be their first game of the season in the main gym.

Carolyn Wagner, senior, says her favorite part of being on the team is getting to spend time with her friends. Although she also does cheerleading and track, she says that basketball is her favorite sport.

Overall, both teams said they had a good time and are excited for their rematch against D99 Hoops on Wednesday, Jan. 9.

The next special olympics basketball game will be at home in the field house against Willowbrook on Wednesday, Dec. 12.