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Bangs make a fashion comeback thanks to Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama aka FLOTUS  is widely known for being a fashionista, so when Michelle Obama gets bangs, you better know that something is up! Whether or not she’s in a self-proclaimed mid-life crisis or not is up for you to decide (though she did readily admit it saying that she’s not allowed to parachute out of a plane or get a sports car, so she got bangs instead). But what I’m more concerned about is the upcoming spring trend beginning at Central: bangs or fringe, as some may call it.

Bangs never really left the fashion world entirely, but they have not been in kind of a hiatus. They’re great for those days you want to go with the messy, hipster, “la vie Boheme” sort of look, but can just as easily be styled to look classy, like an avant-garde ‘60s star.

The best thing about bangs is that there is no wrong length of hair to rocks the bangs:

If you’re a fan of the 20s, the fringed bob is the way to go. If you want to have a more versatile look, but still love having short hair, tell your stylist that you want more of an adaptable bob—one that will give you the 20s flapper vibe, all the way to the 60s, messy mod bob.

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Going in the opposite direction, long hair with bangs is very in, too. It also happens to be my personal favorite! The best ways to style your long hair when rocking bangs is to just keep things simple; maybe some long, loose waves, or straightened.

The bob is actually the major upcoming trend for spring 2013, but I throw in the long hair option because short hair on some can be something short of a disaster. My best advice if you’re thinking about the bob is to really think about your face shape and whether or not short hair and bangs will compliment that or not.

Another new, trendy option that is surfacing for those of you who don’t want bangs all the time, or just want to test them out before you really commit, is faux bangs.

These bad boys made their debut appearance at the Prada spring 2013 show. The models met their maker, Guido Palau that is, who was the Creative Consultant at the show. Palau was the first to start these bangs, which are really just a French twist with the ends of the hair brought forward to create a “fringe” bang look. Sounds pretty cool, right?

So whatever way you want to go, classic bob, mod bob, long hair or faux bangs, be sure to jump on this trend. You don’t want to be stuck on the fringe of it and don’t worry just yet about that horrid “grow out” phase that will be sure to follow.

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