Awkward encounters


It’s obviously fun to mess with people as shown by the numerous clips on Youtube and Vine. Whether it’s gallon smashing (throwing gallons of milk on the ground), staring at people, pretending to struggle with opening the door, or simply acting like you know a complete stranger, it’s tempting to try it out for yourself.  I did when my friend and I took a trip to the mall and decided to do something else besides spend all our money. We walked around the mall and had conversations with people, addressing them by random names, pretending that we knew them.

We pretended we knew everyone and conversed with a variety of people, ranging from teenagers, to adults, and even couples. The reactions were priceless. “I think you have the wrong person,” one shopper said. I replied, “No, remember we met at that thing?” Confused looks and head shakes were some of the reactions I witnessed throughout the day. Individuals would continuously disagree with us until finally they conceded and responded with a “I remember now,” in an attempt to get us to leave.

As they walked away, they whispered to their friends and family, and we knew they were talking about us.I knew what they were all thinking. Who is that girl? Why is she talking to me? This girl is really getting on my nerves. I don’t have time for this.

Once in a while, we would actually get the person’s name right and have to explain how we knew them. It usually confused them even more. I always had this feeling that I was going to break down laughing. It was honestly so difficult not to laugh. I think it was the look on their face that got me every time: a blank, concerned, wrinkled forehead.  Throughout the day I made memories that I know will last me a lifetime, but I also hope the innocent shoppers will have a story to tell too.