What would Central do?

In this social experiment, we staged the situation so that one of us was taking a quiz in the hallway and asked students passing by for answers. Here are the statistics that we found:

Those who helped- 8

Those would have helped- 6

Those who said no- 6

Teacher who questioned us: 1

Those who stood by and didn’t care: 2

Though most students were willing to help, suggesting some lack of  integrity on student’s part, it seemed as though the students saw it not as immoral cheating (and against school policies) but as a moral obligation to help a fellow student. We wondered if people used “ignorance” as an excuse to avoid cheating. It became apparent, however, that students did in fact know that what they were doing was wrong when they were asked about their behavior and they retreated. We are not encouraging cheating; however this experiment shows that if one felt the need to do so at Central, they may be able to succeed. So, what would Central do if asked to cheat on a math quiz? They would help a peer in need.