What would Central do: if students found money?

In this experiment, Paige walked down the hallway, pretending to accidentally drop money out of her wallet.

Most people who saw the money in the Hallway did not even react, or they chose to leave the money where it was. When asking those who picked up the money why they did it, most said they would not have picked it up had they seen who dropped it; however, since it was unclaimed, they took it as “finder’s keepers.”

Here are the statistics we found: four students took the money, three students told Paige she dropped the money, and two teachers picked up the money to take to the bookstore.

Everyone who saw Paige drop the money alerted her that she dropped it. Teachers who saw the money picked it up with the intention of taking it to the bookstore, which they are instructed to do if they find lost items in the hallway. Although a few students admitted that they would have taken the money, no matter what the circumstance, most claimed they would have done the right thing by telling Paige she dropped the money had the opportunity presented itself.