Freshmen Friday: Sam Schiavitti


Julia Guglielmo

Sam Schiavitti, freshman, takes a break from the freshman square dancing unit in gym.

Freshmen Friday

Q & A with freshman  Sam Schiavitti

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Central so far?

A: The sporting events. I love how everyone comes together at big events. Almost everyone in the school goes.

Q: What’s your favorite cereal.

A: Lucky Charms

Q: Do you like the square dancing unit in gym?

A: It’s interesting.

Q: What has been your favorite freshman moment?

A: The LT game.

Q: What has been your most embarrassing freshman moment?

A: I haven’t had one so far. I can’t think of anything.

Q: What do freshman do for fun?

A: Videogames, sports…

Q: What’s the weirdest fashion trend you’ve seen at Central so far?

A: Khakis and flannels.