Taste of India provides cultural getaway


Liam Jones

Writers Liam Jones and Daniel Holland enjoyed a night out at Taste of India, located in Willowbrook, Ill.

Nestled in the corner of a strip mall right next to the Willowbrook center is Taste of India.  While it looks underwhelming, the taste of authentic Indian cuisine does not disappoint. Every weekend, they have a dinner buffet, but going on a Thursday night our option was limited to the À la carte menu.

The staff was very friendly, greeting us as soon as we entered the restaurant and even giving us advice with many of the unknown dishes on the menu.  We decided to order the Matar Paneer, Saag Paneer, and Rogan Josh.  These translate to cheese cubes, creamed spinach, and braised lamb.

The best dish of the meal was the lamb, which was cooked to a tender and juicy state. The gravy-based sauce combined with a multitude of spices added an intricate flavor. If you’re not too adventurous, stick to the mild or medium version of the dried chilies used in the dish.

Next was the spinach.  It didn’t look appetizing, but after a few nervous glances we decided to try it.  The spinach turned out to be absolutely delicious.  It was creamy and full of spices and flavors that we were unaccustomed to eating.

The Matar Paneer combined two ingredients not often mixed – peas and paneer (cheese). I didn’t have high hopes about the combination, but the lemon and chili powder provided a nice glaze that rounded the dish out well. The texture may be a bit odd, but the flavors were exquisite.

Taste of India exceeded our expectations.  The food and service combined for a wonderful dining experience.  While it may not look like much on the outside, next time you stop by Willowbrook, skip Portillos and head on over to the Taste of India.