Falco’s Pizza proves to be a favorite


Sanya Sawlani

Falco’s, located in Burr Ridge, serves its signature thin crust pizza every night of the week until midnight.

Falco’s Pizza & Pasta, located in Burr Ridge, has been a family favorite for decades. Following the opening of the original “Falco’s Pizzeria”  on the south side, popular demand ultimately brought the pizzeria to the suburbs. The Burr Ridge location serves their famous original recipe and is accompanied with great service.

The overall vibe of the restaurant is family friendly and is perfect for satisfying your taste buds. There is plenty of open seating, but they also offer carryout and delivery services. Once seated, it isn’t hard to tell the owners of the restaurant are big Chicago sports fans. TVs are located in each corner and the walls are filled with memorabilia from teams such as the Blackhawks, Sox, and Cubs.

The inside of Falco's Pizza provides plentiful seating
Emily Tomkinson
The inside of Falco’s Pizza provides plentiful seating.


The menu consists of their signature thin crust pizza, homemade Italian beef, pastas, and hearty sandwiches. My friends and I decided on the garlic bread as an appetizer and a classic thin crust pizza with cheese. The garlic bread smelled appetizing and was tasty.

Garlic bread, amongst other things, are available on the appetizer menu
Sanya Sawlani
Garlic bread, amongst other things, are available on the appetizer menu.

My friends had hyped up this pizza a lot, leaving me with high expectations. Although, there were complications with our order that were fixed quickly thanks to a polite chef, I was not disappointed! The crust was soft and buttery, the pizza had the right amount of grease, and the sauce was rich. While you have the option of ordering a full pizza, single slices are available and are the perfect portion size for one person.

Double dough pizza with sausage and pepperoni
Sanya Sawlani
Double dough pizza with sausage and pepperoni.

We all have our own go to pizza places, and I will definitely be adding Falco’s to my list!


Falco’s Pizza is located at 561 S Frontage Rd.