A taste of home: Ashbary Coffee House


Nick Seda

Ashbary Coffee House is a cute cafe on Archer Ave. that is ideal for anyone who wants a small bite to eat or a quiet place to work.

Located in Willow Springs, Ashbary Coffee House is a relaxing cafe with vintage furnishings, warm caffeinated drinks, soups, and sandwiches.

When I walked in around 4 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon, I noticed that there were only a few tables taken, but instantly appreciated the overall feeling of serenity and coziness. There were wooden tables, a couch, curtains and intricate paintings which gave it a home like ambiance.

Nick Seda
Ashbary Coffee House has a cozy and inviting atmosphere.











After glancing at the menu, I knew I had a hard decision to make. The menu consisted of a variety of iced drinks, coffee shakes, steamers, wraps and pastries. Finally, I ordered a large latte.

The latte was given to me in a delicate, orange coffee cup. It was at a perfect temperature, mixed with cream and steamed milk.

Nick Seda
This latte is simple, yet very delightful, making it a must get at Ashbarys.











Our friendly barista recommended their specialty lattes and explained how they were known for their panini and homemade soups.

With this idea in mind, I also ordered a bowl of chili. I was impressed when I found out that not only did this dish come with oyster crackers and panini bread, but was also vegan.

Nick Seda
Vegan chili made with red peppers, carrots, corn, seven different kinds of beans, roasted tomatoes and a variety of seasonings.











When comparing this coffee house to Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts, it stands out in a unique way because the building is a two story house, part of which includes a sound room. The cafe also has live music, open mic on Wednesdays and an improv group that performs on special occasions.

In fact, the individuality of the coffee house has students sharing their opinion with others around the community.

“There is such a peaceful environment at Ashbarys that makes you want to hang and talk with your friends for hours. It is the perfect place to have heart-to-hearts over cappuccinos,” said Grace Kubelka, senior.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Ashbary Coffee House. The place resembles a close-knit community.  The service is quick, and the menu is affordable, all of which impacts the welcoming atmosphere of the cafe.

Ashbary Coffee House is located at 8695 Archer Ave. #1, Willow Springs, Ill. 60480.