Students anticipate Vine’s return

Juniors Abby Stephens and Leah Stevens roamed the halls of the school to find out students’ opinions on Vine, the video sharing app that was officially shut down during January 2017. In the spirit of the app’s rumored return, watch them ask students about their favorite memories from the original version above.

Vine has been a great way for many students to unwind at some point in the day, so the anticipation for its return has been high since Dom Hofmann, one of Vine’s three co-founders, tweeted this in November:

On Wednesday, Dec. 6, Hofmann posted this, only sparking more attention:

The original Vine app allowed users to post six-second videos, but it became corrupted by paid sponsorships and lost its charm after becoming dominated by the “top” Viners. Hofmann recognizes this and is working on ways to prevent it from happening again.

The app V2 is rumored to come out at some point in the coming year of 2018.